Matt Fagan – Buffalo Roam Tours Guide

Buffalo Roam Park Tours was created from my core belief that we as humans have a direct relationship with everything around us—from the plants and animals, to the trees, rivers and mountains. This all forms our environment, creating a friendship, a relationship, an effect on our perception of this magnificent world.

The seeds of this relationship with nature were first planted in me and my three brothers as kids.  I was a Connecticut Audubon Society Youth Volunteer and in the Boy Scouts. These seeds grew into a lifelong pursuit to understand the natural world around us.

Later, a university degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism granted me a passport to work and travel the world. This first-hand business experience exploring how people of many different cultures enjoy and share the planet’s natural beauty, lead me to create a company that teaches and protects the natural environment we visit.

You can find me hiking, biking, skiing, fishing and exploring the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem with my wife in my free time.

-Graduate of The Yellowstone Association Naturalist Guide Program
-Member of The National Association of Interpretation
-Leave-No-Trace Trainer
-Trained as a Grand Teton National Park Volunteer Interpreter